Smart & Digitalization Farming Conference Indonesia

Agriculture Evolving

Agriculture is one of the key sectors within the Indonesian economy. It currently remains an income generator for the majority of Indonesian households. In 2013, the agricultural sector contributed 14.43% to national GDP. The agricultural sector provides jobs to approximately 49 million Indonesians, representing 41% of the country’s total labor force. Currently, approximately 30% of Indonesia’s land area is used for agriculture. Majority of farmers operate on a subsistence level, and farming practices remain low-tech. This inevitably causes Indonesian farmers to fall behind their Southeast Asian peers in terms of productivity and yield.


unique agriculture conference in Indonesia Jakarta dedicated agriculture technology

brings together an international congregation of agriculture companies

addressing the hottest issues in sustainability, smart farming , digital disruption, investment and business partnerships

200 high level decision makers will convene to set the agenda for agriculture in Indonesia

how industry can drive innovation, new business models and partnerships for a sustainable future goals

learning from peers

Who would you meet?

Agent & Distributor


Agri-Business Investors & Entrepreneurs


Agricultural Management of Government


Agricultural Transport & Logistic Expert


Agriculture and Livestock Cooperatives


Horticulture Technology Professional


Hotels, Restaurants, Bars & Catering Suppliers




Insecticides Manufacturers (Producers)


Plant Nutrition & Growers


Pesticides Companies (Producers)


Agriculture Technology Professional


Businessmen and Industrialists




Farm Contractors


Farmers & Farm Managers


Fertilizer Producers


Food Companies


Retailers, Supermarkets & Chain Stores


Seed Cleaning Equipment Manufacturers (Producers)


Sprayer Manufacturers


Tools, Pump and Motors Manufacturers


Wholesalers & Retailers